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Don't Miss Out!

Announcements for the week of March 26, 2023:

• Sunday service is at 11:30 at the church building.

• There is no midweek this week.

• The Mature Ministry's "Greet, Eat, and Meet" is after church in the Fellowship Hall at 1:30pm.

If you have not completed your survey please bring it with you. We still want to hear your thoughts!

Please reach out to Deb Fontaine or Bonnie Loomis with any questions.

Looking Ahead:

• There will be a leaders' meeting following service next Sunday. Lunch will be provided.

• The next opportunity to serve at the Bethesda Mission is on April 22nd. There will be limited slots to serve in the kitchen at the men's shelter from 5-6:15pm and the mobile mission from 6:45-8pm. The women's shelter also has several opportunities to serve including making a meal for the house (would need to schedule), and donating items for the women and children. We will be collecting items for those who like to contribute starting next week. A list of items will be posted soon.

• Calling all singles! Be sure to register for Beachstock, taking place in Virginia Beach, Memorial Day weekend:

• Registration for R-Camp and Teen Camp is now open! Applications for HFKLA (leadership academy ages 16-22) and volunteers is also open. There are special prizes for those who register early! There is a payment plan, and if anyone is in need of financial assistance, church scholarships are available. Visit to sign up!!

******* Please continue to give contribution online or by mailing a check to:


P.O. Box 961

Hershey, PA 17033


• Ryan Kern's uncle, Gene, who is battling cancer and will need to undergo intensive chemotherapy

• Continue to pray for those who have been dealing with health challenges and recent loss.

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